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November 29th - Temporary Closing

On November 28, the county of Santa Clara issued revisions to the Health Officers Mandatory Directives for all residents and businesses within the county due to the steeply rising Covid cases and hospitalizations. In accordance with these revised Mandatory Directives, the Ice Center of Cupertino and all ice rinks will close temporarily at the end of business this evening, November 29th. As it stands now, these revised Mandatory Directives are in effect until at least December 21. We plan to resume programming as soon as possible once the revised Mandatory Directives are lifted. As always, we will be keeping up to date on local, county and state guidelines as they evolve to determine when we are permitted to resume on-ice activities. We will be pausing all ongoing programming, with the intent to continue once permitted to reopen. In the meantime, we encourage you all to stay home and stay safe!>

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