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Ice Center of Cupertino Rink Painting

March 22, 2021


At long last, some good news. The rink will reopen now that the County of Santa Clara is in the Red Tier, with the anticipation of entering the Orange Tier on March 31 based on the current metric numbers. Limited size and cohort Skating School will begin on April 9; please go here for registration and payment information. Beginner hockey classes, called Little Hockey Basic Training (LHBT) will begin on April 11; please go here for registration and payment information.

In addition to the CDC, State of California and County of Santa Clara mandates for available hand sanitizer, wipes and other safety precautions, we want you to know that the two whole rink air scrubber systems we installed previously have been in continuous operation; these systems are well beyond anything that is currently mandated. They are called a Global Plasma GPS Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization System and V-MAX High Intensity UV Air Disinfection System.

Face coverings will be mandatory for everyone entering the rink, and must remain on at all times, including while on the ice. More information on Face Coverings may be found here.

There is also quite a long list of Rink Rules that are mandated items from either the CDC, the State of California or the County of Santa Clara; this list can be found here. Please note that in addition to mandatory mask wearing and social distancing, there are strict cohort and participation limitation mandates.

All payments, registrations and waiver agreement/signing must be done electronically. We cannot do any in-person transactions.

Due to strict occupancy restrictions, only skaters may enter the ice rink. We have included a one-page document on Visiting the Ice Center of Cupertino in the COVID-19 Era here. For more complete details, please refer to the Rink Rules link above.

Every time anyone enters the Ice Center, they will be asked a series of questions to satisfy our Health Screening requirements. We understand this will be repetitive, having to answer the same questions every time you enter the building, but this is also a mandate. The questions can be found here.

For information on the limited Travel Youth Hockey program, please see the ICE Cougar web site

Thank you for your support.

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