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Private Lessons

Lessons can be for 15, 30 or 45 minutes as ongoing lessons, several lessons or one lesson only. To read more about the private lesson program, please click here.

Instructor list:
Instructor Cost for 15 minutes
Sheri Callison$28.00
Roger Sartore$24.00
Kate LaBarbera$24.00
Juliana Tarter$23.00
Nancy Poon$23.00
Vy Joel$23.00
Azariah Joel$23.00
Amanda Han$23.00
Sarah Zhang$23.00
Jason Chang$23.00
Daisy Chiu$23.00

Kevin Nathan$23.00
Gregg Rodriguez$23.00
Darren Attebery$23.00
Spencer Archer$23.00
Kyle Richardson$23.00
Chris Hathaway$23.00
Ryan Chu$23.00
Justin Hubert$23.00
Chris Benoit$23.00
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